About Us

Texas Made Products, LLC was created by a couple of ol boys from Texas. One an engineer at a nuclear power plant the other comes up with crazy ideas, together we make it reality. Our wives are our partners in this endeavor and keep us focused in addition to about a million other things.

Pew Pew Holster was and idea generated over deep thought, cold whiskey and a hot fire pit by wondering… “what should I do with my pistol when I go take a poop?”. It was a valid question at an odd timing but that’s nothing new.  What DO you do when going 10100/10200 and need to drop your drawers? Some leave their firearm holstered, some set it in their underwear, between their feet or on a counter or whatever is handy. All are bad ideas as muzzle discipline is long gone at that point…and do you really want to be THAT person that leaves their firearm in the bathroom?

Cooler Wagon is a product created by sheer laziness. Ever taken kids to a soccer game? Baseball? Any outdoor event or expo? Soccer fields look like refugee camps with tents, coolers, chairs and don’t forget the kid’s assortment of necessities . I got tired of making multiple trips to the truck, sometimes walking ½ mile or more then doing it all over again once the event/game is over. Nope… Work Smarter – Play Harder, that’s our motto!

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